Tantra is love conscious awakening

Tantra is love conscious awakening

This space is adapted for those people who want to awaken their sexuality in consciousness. "Tantra is Love, spirituality, devotion, discipline, education-respect
Patience and continuity. " Tantra is the only way to use sex as spiritual medicine. It is a journey to the depths of your being. The external is indifferent to tantra since there is no gender difference in tantra because sexual energy is pure energy.
My name is Mary Danielle Quiromassage Professional training Spanish school of naturopathy Certified Quiromassage
New Advance kundalini Bodywork & De-armouring level one.

Between some and other skills but certainly with a certificate and devotion to what I do.
I strongly believe that people should take a holistic approach to healing, wellness and harmony.

Tantra bodywork energy non-dual The awakening of the Divine Energy of the goddess Shakti Light of life Love, empathy, pleasurable orgasms, manifestation, forgiveness, joy, Happiness
and grace.

 Masculine & Feminine polarities

Reiki (Rei-universal energy, Ki-vital energy).
crystal healing, pendulum
and water I am ready to work on your healing and well-being.
Balance body, soul and mind.

Be welcome

*** In this holistic therapy and massage space, services are abstained (sex education, mistress domination fetch, lesbian, nuru body 2 body massage).

is not allowed in this holistic massage studio

People who are under the influence of alcoholism, who self-medicate without medical prescription, mental illness, schizophrenia, epilepsy, bipolar and paranoia and who have undergone high-risk surgery will not be able to attend the session of this holistic space of therapies and Tantra. .who ingest toxic substances, for example, narcotics, ayahuasca and etc...***

Before starting each section I will have a brief conversation with the client

Thank you all for understanding. It is always good to have a good intention before starting therapy.

With love Mary Danielle

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