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this space is adapted for those people, men, women, or couples, who want to awaken their sexuality in conscience. Tantra is the only way to use sex as spiritual medicine. It’s a journey to the depths of your being. The external is indifferent to tantra since there is no gender difference in tantra because sexual energy is pure energy.

 My name is Mary Danielle Professional therapist holistic with certified Massotherapie a nd tantra Bodywork strongly believes that people should take a holistic approach to healing. With experience in tantra love healing massages, awakening kundalini energy
Divine consciousness, reiki sessions, crystal healing, and Divine energy, I'm ready to work on your healing and well-being, balancing body, soul, and mind.

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Life is wonderful; it is a divine gift, and we deserve to enjoy it, but sometimes we get so lost in the daily tasks that we forget about our Divine nature. That's why daily tantra tips and holistic therapies are here: to change limiting belief systems and to make us feel safe to explore and express ourselves. When we learn practices to nurture the body, mind, and soul, we can dispel myths and negativity around sexuality and spirituality, and we develop the confidence to make great love. It's about time to wake up. To complement the great therapies you find in Alqamar Tantra Therapy Holistic Kundalini, you have to nourish your body with plenty of water and fresh, live foods like fruits, vegetables, and legumes, practice Pranayama and meditation, and move you body, going for a walk everyday. And the most important, practice Gratitude for everything. I'm waiting for you to help you in this path.

The Benefits of Reiki

Reiki is a technique for transmitting the healing energy of love through the hands. Love is Divine. It is because of love that we are alive, and only love can heal. You can channel this vitality in a variety of directions, but the most common are stress reduction, emotional healing, and the cultivation of an optimistic view of the world. Because of its calming and stress-relieving effects, it is also useful as a complement to conventional medical care. If you're serious about beginning your healing journey on the right foot, the Alqamar Tantra Therapy Holistic Kundalini Therapy Center is where you need to be. As Sathya Sai Baba said, "Love is my form, truth is my breath, when heart speaks to heart is it love that is transmitted. "

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