Tantra is Love the life is a Divine Gift

Tantra  is Love the life is a Divine Gift

²Life is wonderful; it is a divine gift, and we deserve to enjoy it, but sometimes we get so lost in the daily tasks that we forget about our Divine nature. That's why daily tantra tips and holistic therapies are here: to change limiting belief systems and to make us feel safe to explore and express ourselves. When we learn practices to nurture the body, mind, and soul, we can dispel myths and negativity around sexuality and spirituality, and we develop the confidence to make great love. It's about time to wake up. To complement the great therapies you find in Alqamar Tantra Therapy Holistic Kundalini, you have to nourish your body with plenty of water and fresh, live foods like fruits, vegetables, and legumes, practice Pranayama and meditation, and move you body, going for a walk everyday. And the most important, practice Gratitude for everything. I'm waiting for you to help you in this path.Holistic living has made a very significant change in my life.

start with a good intention regarding respect and education with myself embodies self-love and self-confidence and self-acceptance that the Force-Life power tools provide me by working with my shadow side learning from it without judging myself, being able to understand and accept the change We are Light and shadow when we learn to work with our framework of polarity and aligning Both polarities, that we have the control of different situations in our lives. 

we can easily get out of any situation.

 I Mary Danielle, am grateful to the universe for giving me this opportunity to grow and transform my life.

 I must remind you that age are numbers and that it is never too late to wake up.