Tantra Is Love For Beginners

Tantra Is Love For Beginners

Tantra Is Love "for beginners " is a way of exploring sexuality from another dimension, reaching a strong connection between mind and spirit. Tantric massage will help you awaken your sensuality, sharpen your senses, and eroticize your sexual life. Tantra is a spiritual path that helps us bring awareness to all aspects of our lives and give presence to everything we do. It is pure mindfulness because, when we are fully aware of what we are doing and put our focus on something, that's when the energy really comes.

Because tantra helps us to transform the energy that sex gives us into love and that love, in turn, into spirituality. And so, when we manage to transfer all that brutal energy that is generated during the act from the genitals to the heart and, from there, expand it throughout the body to the brain, we will achieve an unimaginable ecstasy.

Tantra for beginners is performed on tatami.

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