♡ Tantra is Love ♡

♡ Tantra is Love ♡

♡Tantra is Love ♡

☆ Tantric practice involves much more than sensual pleasure. Tantric practice can be a powerful tool for awakening on all levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Being fully present in the moment and letting go of our ways of acting based on a life of stress are two very important keys in the practice of Tantra.

♡A Tantra is love session invites us to surrender our attachment to control and to trust ourselves in our partner. We love and accept ourselves fully. In Tantra, we renounce our limiting beliefs about ourselves, about sex, and even about what we think we want and need. Tantra is physical and mental expansion. If you are lucky enough to try a good Tantra therapy session, I assure you that your life will not be the same. Happiness, self-esteem, will rise to the skies, your eyes will shine and everything will be joy in a feeling of peace and love.

☆The traditional technique of tantra speaks of an expansion of consciousness.

☆Focus on energy in the control of the body and breath.

♡This practice seeks to generate a connection with the cosmos through the exploration of the body, mind, and spirit; to recognize the blockages of the mind and heart that are ego, attachment, and ignorance; and thus transform them into love, tolerance, understanding, and acceptance. The objective of tantric sex is to direct the consciousness of each human being through the exchange of energy (male: Shiva, female: Shakti), feeling the value of the present and the sense of belonging to a "whole".

☆Tantra is Love will be carried out through the connection of energies, the YAB-YUM tantric hug, tantric massages with soft and slow sensitive touches like butterflies, with the touch of vibration stimulating and activating sexual energy.

♡Tantra is Love will begin with mantras for opening the section, pranayama breathing like fire, unlocking the chakras. 








☆Opening the mind in consciousness with the divine energy of Kundalini awakening.

Tantra is performed in a tantric temple on tatami 

5%if each sections made will be donated, a way to give Love to the world .

Aid will be sent vulnerable families and animals, with a grain of sand together we can make a difference. Gratitude 


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