Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing

You may experience symptoms such as moodiness, lasting sadness, fear, worry, anxiety, or physical discomfort. With Reiki, these emotions can be transformed. The relief of symptoms and the underlying cause of them help you heal, harmonize, and balance your body, mind, and soul so that you can once again experience wholeness.

If you feel disconnected from yourself, others, and the world and are experiencing symptoms, I can help you regain your sense of identity, connection, and purpose by observing yourself and expanding your awareness.

Ethical and professional Reiki therapy, to heal diseases, eliminate stress, relax and feel happy by channeling "universal energy". In the reiki healing section, you release the blocked energy in your body to achieve a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.

The Reiki healing will be performed on a professional stretcher.

5% of each season will be donated at protection and safety of animals a way to back love in the world . Gratitude Namaste 

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