Shakti energy Bodywork Tantra

Shakti energy Bodywork Tantra

Tantra Bodywork energy non-dual the conscious awakening of the feminine energy goddess Shakti Kundalini, Mother Gaia, Life-force alignment program of Masculine & Feminine Polarities Balancing emotional, physical and mental state.

Tantra Bodywork Energy non-dual healing patterns of blockages caused by accumulated Traumas in the physical, mental and emotional body, breaking with limiting beliefs.

Negative and harmful thoughts Create, attract and manifest Sadness, disappointment, selfishness, isolation, arrogance, ego, contempt and lack of self-confidence, lack of empathy.

What is it that we want to manifest in our body?
- make a good intention
- embodies self love
- self-confidence
- education and respect

* In the spiritual world only one language is spoken (unconditional love and empathy).

The Kundalini Manifestation in a human matter with positive thought vibrates and manifest love, acceptance, kindness, forgiveness, trust, joy, happiness,self assurance, abundance, divine grace and empathy.

** create empathy with the world and with the beings that inhabit the earth, when we embody self-love we manifest empathy and unconditional love **

The power to create, materialize and manifest (law of attraction cause and effect). with the sexual energy kundalini transformed the trauma, peace-inner, pain-pleasure, Unconscious-mindfulness manipulation-generosity shyness-confidence shame-believe in oneself.

Kundalini orgasmic manifestation power and ecstasy
- active sexuality
- increased libido
- energy body
- euphoria
Opening of the third eye Ajna chakra seeing beyond the gaze, opening of mediumship and intuition unfolding, astral travel, encounters of past lives and reincarnation.

Muladhara root chakra
- sexual passion and vigor energy is located spine extending to the genitals.
Our mother earth provides us with the sustenance of our survival through mother gaia energy activating sleeping energy Kundalini.

the chakras are seven energetic vortices of our body through which our vital energy flows muladhara,Svadhisthana ' manipura, Visuddha, Ajna,Sahasrara .

Kundalini the dormant energy is on the spine its awakening rising up to the Manipura Chakra raising up to the crown chakra Sahasrara "Ogum"

*** Attract, Materialize and Manifest Successes Health, love, finances, abundance, wealth, prosperity the power to make it happen to easily get out of different situations in life ***

-good intention
-Pranayama life-force Pingala asanas
-unlocking of the chakras
- Mulabhanda elevation, pelvic and womb movements
- mind games and behaviors "don't judge my inner-self".
-awakens feminine energy Shakti goddess
-emotional, physical and mental detox

* Requirements - Change eating habits days before the first section
drink enough water, detox drink, eat fresh and live foods fruits, vegetables and legumes.

This complete Tantra bodywork energy non-dual program will teach you how to use and manifest your energy life-force kundalini and at the same time I will grow with you.
because with each section there is a new experience, a new awakening and we will be together to evolve along the way.

with love Danielle thank you Gratitude

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