Massage Relaxing on the folding table professional

Massage Relaxing on the folding table professional

Sensitive tantric touch on a massage table is a fluid and sensual form of massage.

 It is a combination of dance-like movements with the palms of the hands, slow and soft sensitive touches like a butterfly vibrate that lovingly wrap each other providing a soft and sensitive slow massage in each part of the body. Sensation of well-being and energy balance connecting with your sexual energy through your conscious breathing tantra lingam massage .

Benefits Increased knowledge and bodily intimacy Helps in curing sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation, impotence, lack of libido, Significant increase in erection time Relieves stress and anxiety Improves physical and emotional well-being Help in concentration balance between physical and emotional neutralize the calm boosts mood improves the process of Prana breathing.

 Because during the massage section breathing is very important to reduce anxiety and stress disorders Tantric massage is capable of cleaning the mind so that only the sensation of enjoyment, relaxation and pleasure remains. 

The body will feel light, clean and vibrant, increasing the levels of endorphins serotonin and cytosine.

 Tantric massage is a discipline that not only has a sexual component It is actually a type of massage that goes far beyond that provides good benefits on the physical, emotional and psychological plane. 

This tantric ritual will be performed on a professional massage table by candlelight in a clean and scented place.

1 hour = 1000 AED 

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